Viagra Reviews

I tried everything from Viagra and Cialis to Leviatra and Kamagra. As a result, I think that Viagra acted best. I’m quite sure that it’s the best drug for those men who have erections problems. These pills do not have crusial side effects, and with apropriate admission, they won’t cause you any harm. Viagra is well tested and approved by FDA.

I have not used Viagra yet, but a friend recommends this drug as the best ED medication he tried. It constantly helps him in his sexual affairs despite the fact that he is already 60 years old. I heard only good reviews about Viagra, so I guess I’ll try it myself and review my expressions later.

After the first time, I took the Viagra, I felt the effect in about 40 minutes. Erection occurs immediately after stimulation and sex was just great, but after I felt a slight discomfort in the eyes. It seemed like to be dry. This side effect lasted for an hour, and then everything passed. The next time I took Viagra without such consequences, maybe the body is used to it.

I read that Viagra really has side effects like runny nose, headache, or some visual problems. I don’t know anithing about it, because I didn’t feel any. And comparing with other ED meds, Viagra is just a luxury drug with mega cool results. However, you should be ready to pay for it because its price is pretty high.

I have been taking Viagra for more than three months. I take the pill 30 minutes before planned sex. After the few first receptions, I had some face redness, and there was slight stuffiness in the nose. That’s it, I did not notice anything really harmful. On the contrary, sex is wonderful, so as my mood! I definitely recommend Viagra for those who have ED problems, but before buying a drug, visit a doctor for consultation.