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Viagra Reviews

I tried everything from Viagra and Cialis to Leviatra and Kamagra. As a result, I think that Viagra acted best. I’m quite sure that it’s the best drug for those men who have erections problems. These pills do not have crusial side effects, and with apropriate admission, they won’t cause you any harm. Viagra is well tested and approved by FDA.

I have not used Viagra yet, but a friend recommends this drug as the best ED medication he tried. It constantly helps him in his sexual affairs despite the fact that he is already 60 years old. I heard only good reviews about Viagra, so I guess I’ll try it myself and review my expressions later.

After the first time, I took the Viagra, I felt the effect in about 40 minutes. Erection occurs immediately after stimulation and sex was just great, but after I felt a slight discomfort in the eyes. It seemed like to be dry. This side effect lasted for an hour, and then everything passed. The next time I took Viagra without such consequences, maybe the body is used to it.

I read that Viagra really has side effects like runny nose, headache, or some visual problems. I don’t know anithing about it, because I didn’t feel any. And comparing with other ED meds, Viagra is just a luxury drug with mega cool results. However, you should be ready to pay for it because its price is pretty high.

I have been taking Viagra for more than three months. I take the pill 30 minutes before planned sex. After the few first receptions, I had some face redness, and there was slight stuffiness in the nose. That’s it, I did not notice anything really harmful. On the contrary, sex is wonderful, so as my mood! I definitely recommend Viagra for those who have ED problems, but before buying a drug, visit a doctor for consultation.

Scientists: Mediterranean diet is more effective than Viagra

Mediterranean diet prolongs sex life. So, men who eat olives, fish, vegetables and other products of Mediterranean origin, on average 40% less likely than others become impotent. This was reported with reference to a study presented at the congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Munich.

Viagra does not improve the functioning of the genitals in the long term, it allows you to “mobilize” existing reserves. The Mediterranean diet, in turn, allows you to really avoid erectile dysfunction without using any pills.

A vivid example of how the Mediterranean diet invigorates can be found on the Greek island of Ikaria, whose inhabitants are distinguished by good health until old age. The researcher compared how often impotence develops among the inhabitants of the island and other Greeks. The study involved about 700 men of mature years who agreed to answer questions about sexual life and diet.

As a rule, approximately half of men aged 60 to 67 suffer from impotence. Observations of the Ikarians showed that they were not aware of this problem. Only 20% of the elderly residents of the island complained about sexual activity. The low risk of impotence was associated with the diet of the islanders.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the types of healthy eating that is characteristic of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region. The cuisines of different peoples inhabiting the coast are different, but they are united by basic eating habits: the use of olive oil and fresh olives, lean meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, yoghurts and other dairy products.

Celebrities thank Viagra

Viagra has become an icon in the pharmaceutical industry. We can say that it is celebrity among drugs. Appeared on the market in 1998 Viagra hascompletely changed the world. A large number of men got the opportunity to overcome their sexual problems and return their young years.

Not surprisingly Viagra attracted the attention of celebrities. As ordinary people with their health problems, some celebrities try to solve their problems with Viagra, some of them take it just for fun. Some famous personalities make a kind of show or participate in an advertising campaign.

A few years ago Michael Douglas, the famous actor of “Wall Street” and “Basic Instinct” unexpectedly revealed his secret that he took Viagra for making his sex life more exciting. The wife of Mr. Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones is 25 years younger than him so the actor is so eager to maintain his sex life despite the fact that he is 72 years old. He admitted that he and his wife had wonderful moments when he used Viagra.

There is no doubt that Viagra and sexual harmony help him maintain his shape and look on a million dollars.

Viagra enhances not only potency but also the heart

Patients taking Viagra are less likely to have heart attacks. If heart attacks occur in this category of people then mortality is much lower.

It is too early to unambiguously associate such positive statistics with the action of drugs for the treatment of impotence. Perhaps other factors act here, such as an active lifestyle for those who take Viagra.

And although experiments on sheep confirm the version of doctors, they still do not advise to take drugs for erectile dysfunction for those who have a heart condition.

The Pentagon spent $ 294 million on Viagra in four years, earlier Viagra suggested replacing the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider.

Local version of Viagra to be produced in Wien

In the city of Wien (Austria) will begin production of a local version of Viagra, the famous drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This will significantly reduce the price of Viagra pills.

In Austria, this medicine will be available in white and not blue as is customary in many countries like the USA or UK. Also, this medicine will taste like peppermint. Austrian Viagra will be available only by prescription.

Austrian men will appreciate this news! Austrian Viagra is likely to be lower in price than the original medicine. It is important that the effectiveness of the Austrian Viagra is not lower than the well-known analogue.

Viagra in Britain will be sold without a prescription

Starting from the spring of 2018, Viagra tablets will be sold over the counter in UK pharmacies without a prescription. Now drugs for erectile dysfunction can only be bought after a doctor’s recommendation.

In spring, any man over the age of 18 will be able to freely purchase pills after a short conversation with a pharmacist. A pack of four will cost about £ 20, and a pack of eight tablets will cost about £ 35.

The decision to revise the classification of Viagra and remove it from the list of drugs that are sold strictly according to a prescription was made following a public discussion and on the advice of the Commission on Human Medicines. Experts decided that after this, men who avoid doctors will stop buying illegal prescriptions for the “blue pill” on the Internet. It is also expected that this will help reduce the criminal turnover of Viagra and its analogues, which over the past five years amounted to £ 50 million.

According to the new classification, in the spring the drug will go on public sale under the name Viagra Connect and will contain the same active substance – sildenafil. Representatives of the company Pfizer (which produces Viagra) are already conducting joint trainings with pharmacies. Each will have a special room where any man who wishes can talk to a pharmacist and ask him questions before buying a drug. Specialists in pharmacies will inform buyers about side effects, and those, in turn, should be aware of their chronic diseases. Men who still have problems with their heart, kidneys, and liver should always consult a doctor before using Viagra.

We understand that many men avoid counseling and treating various manifestations of erectile dysfunction, so we believe that a short consultation with a pharmacist before buying Viagra Connect will be the first step in recognizing your problem and, perhaps, the desire to see a doctor. We also hope that the ability to freely get medicine for potency will reduce the number of men who buy ineffective and even dangerous fakes said Dr. Berkeley Phillips, medical director of the British unit Pfizer.