Scientists: Mediterranean diet is more effective than Viagra

Mediterranean diet prolongs sex life. So, men who eat olives, fish, vegetables and other products of Mediterranean origin, on average 40% less likely than others become impotent. This was reported with reference to a study presented at the congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Munich.

Viagra does not improve the functioning of the genitals in the long term, it allows you to “mobilize” existing reserves. The Mediterranean diet, in turn, allows you to really avoid erectile dysfunction without using any pills.

A vivid example of how the Mediterranean diet invigorates can be found on the Greek island of Ikaria, whose inhabitants are distinguished by good health until old age. The researcher compared how often impotence develops among the inhabitants of the island and other Greeks. The study involved about 700 men of mature years who agreed to answer questions about sexual life and diet.

As a rule, approximately half of men aged 60 to 67 suffer from impotence. Observations of the Ikarians showed that they were not aware of this problem. Only 20% of the elderly residents of the island complained about sexual activity. The low risk of impotence was associated with the diet of the islanders.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the types of healthy eating that is characteristic of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region. The cuisines of different peoples inhabiting the coast are different, but they are united by basic eating habits: the use of olive oil and fresh olives, lean meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, yoghurts and other dairy products.